So little time. So much to do. Arkarna?

Currently, I’m on Banggoy’s notebook for my dear darlin’ HP
Pavilion has betrayed me! Oh the cruelty! *sigh* It’s been over a week since I
had it working because some crazed Trojan horse penetrated my protected system.
Dang! So much for Symantec’s security. And of all the time it had to crash is
when I finally have the external DVD writer that my dearest father gave as a
Christmas gift. Plus Banggoy is showing off the power of this Dell device which
makes me even more down in the dumps when I should be all merry and jolly. I
wish Santa Claus will fix my notebook ASAP… or better yet, give me a new one.
Ho ho ho!!!

I’ve been busy adjusting for my graveyard shift (8pm til
5am) that all I do at daytime is sleep, sleep, sleep. I miss talking to Dapoiee
and the gang, and most especially having breakfast with Banggoy. When I’m awake
(and since I’ve no access to the internet until now), I punch in digits on the
calculator hoping not to get a nosebleed trying to budget my finances for the
necessary Christmas shopping I need to get over with already. I’ve a long list
of people I am going to give presents to and so little time to actually go out
there and buy those gifts. It’s almost 4am and I have an appointment with the
hair stylist at 8am! Then we’re having the company’s Latino Christmas party at
5pm. Somewhere in between those times I need to go to the mall, buy some
things, and sleep. Oh Time, Time… Wherefore art thou Time?

One more week to go and I’m off to home sweet Ormoc City for the Holidays. If not for the crazy schedule I have for the coming week, I’d
be all ecstatic to be home. But alas, I’ve yet to do so many things before I
leave. And Vash? Oh Vash!!! I hate to leave the poor thing alone. So sad. He’d
be spending the Christmas and New Year alone. Tsk tsk tsk. I need to get him a
lady love already. Maybe when I get back, I’ll bring a sexy little thing for
him. Hehehe!

Okay, I have to hit the shower now, Banggoy’s all freshened
up and I still stink from playing billiards! Oh well, it’s been a good night.
After I get all washed up, I’m all set to go to LaLa Land!

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Party like it’s 2006!

With a huge slice of ham, scallops and a bottle of Sangria
enjoyed while playing house /chill-out music – ahhhh, this is going to be a
good year! So, maybe I didn’t meet the New Year with a *bang*, then again, who
wants to lose fingers? I’ve stuffed myself instead with all the goodies on the
table. Fruits, jams, salads, lengua, pancit, oh, you name it – tomorrow I
will make Lomotil my best friend. Hahaha!

We had loads of laugh tonight having experimented with
tequila and our aunties. Translation: We made the oldies drink tequila! And
went off dancing around the house and even mom joined in our madness. That’s
her getting all buggy.

So far, I have no complains with my Christmas vacation as I
have enjoyed tremendously here in good ol’ Ormoc. Mais bien sur, Banggoy was here for 5 days and we immensely enjoyed
ourselves. Me showing him around and him absorbing all the details. He left
just yesterday with his sister who was also here visiting her boyfriend, who
happens to be my First Cousin. No worries, I’ll be with him in less then 48
hours from now. Tee hee.

I have so many goals for 2006 and I’ve got to write them
down yet. As for resolutions, I haven’t really thought about it. Just that,
whatever good it is that I’m doing, I will do better. It’s hard to make
promises you can’t keep. I’ll just focus on these – my family, my love and my

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Naughty & Nice

I am so dehydrated. Oh the consequences you have to pay from
an eat-all-you-can phenomenon! Last night I had an awesome shellfish
experience. All the tahong, talaba
and barinday in the world… on my
plate. In addition to that, I didn’t have to pay for it! Except that now, I’ve
missed work and will not be getting my attendance bonus for the month. Ack! And
I thought the best things in life are free. Ever made the toilet bowl your
bestfriend? Under sober circumstances? Indeed. Lomotil, Lomotil, wherefore art
thou Lomotil?

‘Nuff about that. I don’t want to be tempted to go into
fecal details here. I’m not trying to be gross or anything. I have bad colds
and a really annoying dry cough to boot! Good thing my masseuse was here
tonight to make things soporific so I can rest and get a good night’s sleep. I
was planning to hit the sack already but by some force majeure I’m here hitting
the keyboards instead. Oh what divergence!

Mv92No matter where you are and how different you currently are,
somehow the past will find its way to rear its ugly head once more. Like a zit
you can’t wait to pop! Like most normal people, I’ve also had my share of
misbehaviors and evidently, I’m no criminal nor had committed a serious act of
felony since I hadn’t been convicted of any grave or even any not-so-grave misconduct.
The thing is, recently someone allegedly said that I’m famous in Ormoc for
causing trouble. No shit?! I never started anything, heck, I can’t even start a
fire; I guess it’s jusMylat that trouble finds its way to me like it’s been set
with a homing-device. Hmmm. I wonder what it’s like to be in Paris Hilton’s
shoes. Well, I’ve done my share of charity works, let’s see Paris do something like this for once.

Let me ask you something, but before that, I want to say
thanks for dropping by to read my blog. Now, to my question: Why are you
reading my blog? Bored? Well, try visiting
and I’m sure you’ll find this really interesting. Calling out fellow
non-homophobic Filipino fashionistas and viajeras! That homepage will sure to
bring a smile to your faces. And for the rest of you concerned citizens out
there, wear green and show your support for justice and peace for Francis
Xavier Manzano. For more info, click

Finally, all of my dreams are starting to come true. I’ve
been moved to the B2B (Business to Business) shift at work so I won’t have to
call those damn households anymore. This time I get to talk to professionals.
At long last! No more people mistaking me for a telemarketer (once again, I am
a market researcher and the DO-NOT-CALL list does NOT apply to us!) So screw
those threats of reporting us to the federal agencies concerned. Furthermore,
I’m working graveyard so that means *drumroll please* MORE cash flow! On the
other hand, I’m going to enroll
sometime mid-January so I can hit the books yet again and prepare myself for
the future.

Happy Holidays!

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