SUPER HAVAIANAS SALE 2011: Assorted Items, All-Original

Because I slightly resemble a whale now and with my swollen feet (Oedipus Rex?), it's time for my

Grab a pair ASAP as everything seems to be selling like hotcakes!
Everything from 300 to 700 bucks only (add 100 for shipping within the Philippines).

These are pre-loved and used items (sizes 35/36 and 37/38 only!) so please manage your expectations. Guess that's also why I'm letting them go at very, very low prices :) These are hard to find models and well-taken cared of, nonetheless.

Check it out at:


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Total Eclipse (of the heart?)

Last night's total LUNAR eclipse was not to be missed, that is if you aren't pregnant. In my case, living in a society where superstition is a tad more prevalent than alcoholism, where culture has taught us to be wary of things without any scientific explanations, then staying indoors during a LUNAR eclipse (a total one at that) is a definite MUST! Unless you want to hear your elders scold you endlessly or you don't mind upsetting your loved ones...

So I missed it. Then again, I didn't want to take my chances or risk my baby's life. I wore red and put a red cloth on my tummy (even tied a red ribbon across my belly), and also placed a safety pin and a metal key near my abdomen.

Weird ain't it?

But from where I come from, even in Facebook so many have testified and warned me so I dare not break even the most ridiculous of superstitions.

What have I got to lose anyway? Just missing the lunar eclipse and the chance to shoot the moon with my new lens I guess... But my stupid cousin offered to stay up all night, teasing me relentlessly, and shot the moon for me instead. Thanks, Dewnelle.

Although, I could have taken a better picture than that. BLEH! =P (way hangitiw, kiti ri bitiw!)

It was a Blood Moon after all... and the longest Total Lunar Eclipse - 1 hour and 40 minutes!!! The next such an eclipse is forecasted to occur only in 2141. Pak!Then again, there are other sites saying that the next total lunar eclipse of exceptional length will come on July 27, 2018, and will last 106 minutes. Also, there were talks all over the internet about the rapture happening... but hey, here we are... still alive, still kicking!

Here's a much clearer photo of last night's beautiful eclipse. This was seen from Jerusalem.

I guess I'll have to wait for the next lunar eclipse to capture my own photo of the moon. Til then I pray that my baby be safe -- no strawberry birthmarks, cleft lips, or other birth deformities please.

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It's Tea Time!

Like the Mad Hatter, I have my days when tea is my best friend. Having a really sensitive tummy, tea is like a gift from heaven. Coming from a family of big tea drinkers [thanks to my Chinese heritage], tea is one of the things readily available in our cupboards. There's mint tea, lemon tea, green tea, etc. and even slimming tea is no stranger in our household.

When I was introduced to Twinings by Ate Angel during one of our wedding planning meetings back in February, I was so delighted by the flavor that my love for tea was awakened. She shared with us this:

I swear, it has gotta be the best tasting tea ever!

I was looking for information on Twinings online when I came across Twinings Philippines on Facebook who was then giving away free boxes of tea last April with their PersonaliTEA test. I figured I should try my luck. Then a month later passed and I didn't realize I did receive an email from Twinings! And it was in the SPAM folder pa gyud! LOL! I guess I was so busy after the wedding that I wasn't able to check my email for almost 2 months!

I doubled checked on FB and found this...

So I immediately emailed them and apologized for not having responded sooner. They sent me my prize via courier (as I am geographically challenged!) and here it is!

Thanks Twinings Philippines! :)

And guess what? Twinings has so many flavors to choose from!

Screenshot from their official website.

And there are still so many other Twinings flavors found in the local supermarket at the imported goods section! Can't get enough of it!


Now I like my tea with honey and lemon.


NoodleBoy likes it, too!

What about you? Do you like tea and what type of tea do you like most? Comments below. :)


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Cuatro Años

Last May 2007, I wrote my "ABOUT ME" profile.

I've had a controversial life. I've been judged, misunderstood, and most recently, impersonated. I'm nobody special but I am anything but ordinary. I majored in Management but suck at Math -- the bane of my existence. I am addicted to Havaianas. I like coffee. It is a laxative. I go on crazy diets. I'm a little vain. I take lots of pictures and they're mostly posted online. That’s what makes my life a very open book. One that is very prone to identity thefts. Nevertheless, I am STILL unpredictable as the rain. Expect to learn a lot from me. You can use my life as a reflection. If you don't know what you're going to do with your life, don't worry about it. I still haven't figured what to do with mine. I get along with most people. I make a good politician but I don't like power trips. I think that corruption and greed are the biggest pollution this world will ever have. I think world peace can start with me... with anyone one of us actually. It is my personal belief that if I exude optimism this world could become brighter, and people will think clearer and be happier overall. But enough of that shit. Who am I really? I guess you'll have to be me to understand me.

Those lines have been copied, re-worded, and claimed as their own by some people in the interwebs. Nevertheless, that very description doesn't seem to fit me anymore or does not aptly describe who I am today. Oh yes, I have changed. ^_^ If you have followed this blog since 2007, you would know in the 4 years that have passed.

Since NoodleBoy asked me last night how come I haven't updated my profile description, I figured I ought to write a new one. So here it is (exactly 1,200 characters as limited by Blogger):

What do you think? That is ME. For now.

To be updated in another 4 years' time ;)


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Nostalgia: You have 1 message received.

Gone were the days when texting was the "IN" thing. Ten years ago, my handyphone bills would skyrocket up to 4K a month and 3K of that is charged to SMS. There weren't any unlimited plans back then. And if you were hooked to text messaging like I was back in college, you'd be eating forwarded messages for breakfast. I would copy those messages to a notebook for the heck of it (and well, maybe I just had too much free freaking time on my hands before).

It took quite the effort to get someone's mobile number especially to ask for it personally. There was no Facebook nor Friendster where you can stalk someone and search for their mobile numbers. Back then, you had to muster up guts and turn a deaf ear to other people's sungog or teasing.

*sigh* Those were the days.

BUT TODAY... all that has changed. Chat has ultimately evolved and there are plenty of messengers available in the market today for all the different mobile phones available. The best, however, is this one:

So you see, with BBM there's more to mobile phones than just the average messaging services. For one, and I think this is why many people have chosen the BBM path, you get notified when your messages have been read. Ever had that feeling when you sent an SMS and you don't get a reply within a day or two? Sent messages in your inbox would feel worthless. So you send the same message again and again, eventually getting you labeled as a psycho/stalker. Well, that awkward feeling is nonexistent with the BBM service. Your message gets a D beside it telling you it has been delivered and of course, it turns into an R signifying that your message has been read. Now if you still don't get a reply... then you can take a hint. ;)

Aside from that really cool feature with the BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), the best thing about it is it's FREE when you're subscribed to the service... meaning no additional SMS costs! Imagine if I had BBM back in college? I wouldn't have to be paying 3 grand just for text messaging! Sheesh. I feel I was born way too early. ~_~

BBM has a unique PIN, too. Swapping numbers are a thing of the past. PINS are in!!! Ever seen on of those 2D black and white images like this one below? (FYI: that's not my PIN!)

Alright, if you're still not very convinced that the BlackBerry Messenger is heaven sent, well, it works wherever you are in the world as long as you have availed of the service. You don't have to sign up and you don't even have to log in! You're always available if you choose to be! Come to think of it, long distance relationships have become so much easier now with BBM. Why... if Noodle Boy and I had BBM back when we were miles and miles apart, we could have saved a lot from all the international call charges!!! *sigh* How lucky are the ones today with BBM?! I mean, seriously!

Love, relationships, and the dating game to be more specific have been altered significantly with the advent of the BBM. Blackberry users are so blessed with it. And Blackberries don't just scream your status in life. Nowadays, Blackberries aren't just for serious business anymore. Now, you can really have fun with it... and be assured that you're under a really secure network thanks to RIM.

Having a BB is like having a personal secretary that is your BFF at the same time. With all the multimedia capabilities a BB is able to handle these days, i.e. photos, music, etc. then Jack doesn't have to be all work now... Jack doesn't have to be a dull boy. Jack is able to play!!!

As in the case of Phil Younghusband, watch this:

With so many kinds of Blackberries to choose from, including ones that easily fit the budget, I can see my future now with a BB every so vividly -- along the lines of a BlackBerry Bold 9780.

How about you? According to Carlo Ople, editor-in-chief of of Unbox.PH"It’s reliable, sturdy, sophisticated, social, and modern." Well, don't you think having a Blackberry makes your digital life so much better?

P.S. Check out Blackberry Pilipinas on Facebook! And if you fancy going for a testosterone-filled ride, visit Unbox.PH on Facebook, too!

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Note: Photos are from various sources on the web unless it contains my watermark.

Amoebiasis: Pregnancy's Worst Nightmare

Been searching all over the net since I was diagnosed with amoebiasis last night and I couldn't find much information about it especially when it happens during pregnancy. So I was wondering if this is really curable or not. I was fretting out already because I was pooping like mad beginning 8AM yesterday and it continued throughout the day until after dinner. So you can just imagine how utterly exhausted I was and my bones/joints/muscles were hurting like crazy. On top of that, I am already 28 weeks pregnant. My belly ain't getting any smaller and the baby was clearly stressed out because it was doing somersaults all over the place. I was even picturing the baby pulling and tugging my intestines because I can hear all kinds of bowel sounds.

Watch this short video of my belly when I woke up this morning... then look at the baby quiver(?); shake, rattle, and roll(?); or you can just stare at my protruding belly and watch the quakes. Try not to blink so you won't miss 'em!

I went to see my OBGYNE but she wasn't in yesterday so we decided to go to the emergency room at the OSPA-FMC hospital to seek advice if I could drink something for my LBM. As embarrassing as it sounds (and pretty funny nevertheless), I was amused at the thought of the saying which goes, "MAY ARAW KA RIN, MAKA IGIT KA UG GREEN!" LOL! At first, nobody suspected of me getting any kind of parasite (an amoeba most especially!) because I don't drink tap water, I'm not fond of street foods (save for the BBQ at the Food Park), and I'm pretty keen on washing my hands with antibacterial soap and using a hand sanitizer particularly when I found out I was with child! So I guess, you can never be too sure anymore.

My OBGYNE who came to see me at the ER when they called her said I should get a urinalysis and a stool exam to rule out any amoebiasis because there had been numerous cases of it lately. FYI: I really hate doing stool exams. It's gross. Yuck. But it had to be done. And I had to be put on I.V. dextrose and admitted last night just to get hydrated because I was beginning to look like a panda and my mouth was starting to get really dry. PLUS my belly was making these crazy contractions and you know, the worst thing that can happen to a pregnant woman is to get premature contractions because of amoebiasis! Pretty risky... and heck, I am so not ready to give birth yet!

It was unknown to any of us yet until the stool exam came back positive and then I started to freak out instead of feel better even though I was now lying at a hospital bed and getting the proper care and management for my condition. I couldn't find many very helpful information online regarding amoebiasis and pregnancy or any documentation of its treatment, cure, and medicines. I did read that children and pregnant women are more susceptible to this disease. Ayayay!

When the nurses gave me metronidazole, I wanted to make sure it won't harm my baby. Disregard nalang the fact that the medicine tastes so bitter. I think the reason why there's not a lot of information about amoebiasis online is because this mainly occurs in the tropics/subtropics and the medical field here isn't really that advanced compared to that of the northern hemisphere. Just my 2 cents. Anyway, what I understood from my doctor and reading online is that metronidazole (Flagyl) is under Class B and it's pretty safe to be taken by pregnant women who are on their 3rd trimester. Ain't I a lucky gal? So I have to take this medicine for a whole week, 3 x a day, coupled with isoxsuprine (Duvadilan) to keep the contractions at bay. Good luck to me!

Also I have to keep my diet tamed (no "queer" foods according to my doctor because she knows I have a very exotic palate) and since it was also found out that I am low on potassium and sodium, the best advice I was given today before I was discharged from the hospital was, "EAT YOUR JUNK FOODS." Tee hee! Best advice ever!!! Kaya lang, I don't eat salty foods! I hate Chippy and I don't even put salt on my sunny side-up (over easy) eggs during breakfast. I also need to eat bananas for potassium. Shucks. Do you realize how many calories there are in a single banana? Meh. ~_~

I guess there's more to being pregnant than meets the eye. I'm just glad I didn't have all those annoying pregnancy symptoms like vomiting, dizziness, sensitivity to smell, et cetera. Hoping and praying that everything will be alright in the coming months as I bring this precious little thing into this world.

Can you imagine me, a mom? ^_^ Whoa!



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SCAMMER ALERT! Be wary of eBay now!

Today I received a rather disturbing email. Somebody was asking me if I was selling a laptop -- The Asus 1000HE to be exact. And I could not, for the life of me, imagine selling this netbook because I gave this to my mom.

I asked if there is a link I could check regarding this item... and alas, the scammers are at it again!


This person (mymaria_24) stole my photos and is trying to sell a make-believe item with my photos! And it even has my watermarks in them!

Click to view larger pic!


All photos of the item being sold even bear my multiply site! Holy crap!

It's a good thing somebody emailed me about it but whoever won the bid for this eBay item should definitely be warned. It's a SCAM! That's not my account, I'm not selling this item, and those photos are clearly stolen from me!!!

So now, how do you report a scammer on eBay? Anybody knows how? Text me or email me pls!


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