by MyMaria

Basta Igat, Sikat!


MyMaria is a professional blogger, beauty buff, calligraphy n00b, mom, wife, travel expert, and public servant who cooks with passion or not at all. She loves doing challenges and loves to write. Basta Igat, Sikat! by MyMaria began as a personal blog that has evolved into all sorts of things. From beauty to food to just about anything under the sun, MyMaria writes about everything she is passionate about.

For the month of August 2016, this blog received 1.2 million hits! *throws confetti!*

MyMaria is also known as Ramen Girl and MrsNoodleBoy. She is happily married and once again is desperately trying to learn Math for her son, Mikko Vincenzo aka NoodleLito. An Indigo child who is fascinated by the moon and a huge fan of Greek mythology, her imagination always runs wild.  She seems to be forever battling weight gain but is 80% of the time trying to eat clean and healthy. She is a huge fan of juicing fruits and vegetables and making smoothies. She loves everything Japanese and still wishes she could fluently speak Nippongo and write in Kanji or Katakana. She is an expert mosquito catcher and deadly with a zapper. On the other hand, she is currently serving her second term as a public servant of Brgy. Dist. 19.

For more verbal diarrhea and a glimpse of this grammar nazi’s mundane everyday life, you can also follow her on Twitter/Instagram: @bastaigat_sikat

Bragging rights
Elected Brgy. Councilor, Committee Chairman for Tourism, Health and Sanitation of Dist. 19 on second-term of office; AVON Makeup Council Member 2013; 1st prize essay-writing contest winner for the Association of Benedictine Schools (Jubilee Theme); Little Miss Cantubo ’89/The Frustrated Miss Universe.


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